Break Free From Addiction


Why Choose Indiana Recovery Centers?

We are Indiana's Premiere Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center. Clinical Studies show that elements such as a connection to a higher power, mentoring, reciprocal relationships and community support are the most important determinant of a person’s continued recovery. Addicts and alcoholics can easily stay clean while under clinical care, but their release is usually followed by a series of relapses. This is why our primary focus is on the patients foundational recovery for their lives after our program. Most other treatment centers use a conventional therapeutic approach when dealing with addiction. So when the patient is discharged they naturally fall back into old habits and behavior, thus bearing the vicious cycle once again. Read More

Taking the First Step in Addiction Recovery

We understand that getting started isn’t easy, and we’re here to help patients take that first difficult step. Our highly rated, professional addiction treatment programs are designed to help every patient break free from addiction and begin the journey toward a happier, healthier life.

– George I.

Blake is very serious about his calling… Our son has been to many treatment centers and our experience wasn’t great. Blake is the only person I can really trust and, under his care, our son has made real progress. He is dedicated to saving people, genuinely selfless and passionate about his calling. In this day and age, with so many rehab centers only caring about your insurance money, this treatment center stands out! I highly recommended it!

– Alisa Ortiz

Blake is selflessly dedicated to helping others get back on track. He will do everything he can to lead you to success on the road to recovery. He won’t just go an extra mile, but an extra five hundred miles, just so you don’t falter. He will put his whole heart and soul into seeing you through to success. He is down to earth and genuine. Trust that you are in caring hands. He is an angel here on earth that wants YOU to succeed. Good luck and blessings on your road to recovery, as something wonderful is about to happen!

– Michael T.

Having first hand experience in and around recovery for over 30 years, I know the work it takes to recover from a seemingly hopeless malady. Over the past two decades, Blake has had the blessing to work with countless hundreds of afflicted individuals who, without God and Blake’s help, may have perished. With the Indiana Recovery Centers professional staff, and years of valuable experience, there is hope for individuals who need to find their way back to a reasonably normal life and happiness.

– Albert G.

Staff is awesome, this is a great place to find structure and recovery

– Liz S.

Blake has done some pretty amazing things in the past for people!

– Clyde J.

They have a passionate and caring staff. I love this place